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Overland Cash & Carry

Morning Prayer with Father Bongani

Overland Distribution Centre, Jose Jnr, along with all drivers and crew and Supervisors welcomed Fr Bongani from a local parish in Klerksdorp, Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer, to join us for our weekly logistics meeting at 6am.

After the normal proceeding for the meeting we were all happy to receive a very welcoming sermon from Fr Bongani, this was an upliftment sermon for all present as we have found our morale to be a bit on the low side between co-workers at our distribution centre!

A very special sermon was delivered in various languages for all to understand and make sure that Fr Bongani got his personal message across!

We then ended the meeting off with an outstanding prayer, asking for guidance, safety and joy within the work place.

All staff that attended were please and happy, filled with joy and pride and with a very different look on life on a personal level as well as on a spiritual level!

We thank Fr Bongani for his lovely message that he had prepared for us on this special morning and hope to see Fr Bongani soon.

A very big thank you from Overland DC, Jose jnr, and all drivers, crew and supervisors!